Cows Milk

Cows Milk

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Rocking W Cheese & Milk, Olathe, CO
Rocking W Cheese & Milk - This 53 year old family owned dairy in Olathe, CO does not use hormones or antibiotics on their animals. Rocking W grows all of their own Non-GMO feed for quality control.

Whole Milk - sold by the gallon
2% Milk - sold by the gallon
Skim Milk - sold by the gallon
Cream on Top (Not Homogenized) - sold by the gallon
Half & Half - sold by the half gallon

NOTE: If you choose the “Payment Option: Cash in Person” you will not be charged online to complete your order. Payment will be due upon delivery or pick-up.

*Half Gallon (1/2) only available for Half & Half

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