Weekly Schedule


We offer two ordering schedules a week for our commercial customers:

Schedule 1


Place an order by Friday at noon for a Monday Delivery.


Deliveries made to commercial customers.


Schedule 2


Place an order by Monday at noon for a Thursday Delivery.


Deliveries made to commercial customers.

We are seeking to do business with restaurants, professional chefs and catering companies in Telluride, Mountain Village, Ridgway, Placerville and Rico!

Please contact Vicki by phone or email to discuss or request any items that you do not see listed on the Commercial Orders page. We are happy to source for a specific menu, just let us know what you need and we will source it for you from our regional farms!

If you would like to source more ingredients regionally, please let us know by January so that our farmers can plant appropriately to meet your needs.

Our food is ultra fresh, nutrient dense, and produced by farms that use sustainable practices. They do not use sprays or pesticides on their crops, and all meat is pasture raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Some farms are certified organic by the USDA, while others use organic practices without being certified.

Please check out our ‘Local Food’ Page to learn where our food comes from and the farmers who grow it!