Residential Orders

Fresh, local Colorado food directly from the farms, ranches, and orchards delivered to your door.

Place an order by NOON on Friday for a pick-up or delivery the following week.






Cancelation Policy for Residential Orders

Due to the highly perishable products that we deal with, we will apply the following fees for cancelation of any product after Noon on Saturday.

• $25 Cancellation Fee for $40 Products
• $35 Cancellation Fee for $55 Products
• $65 Cancellation Fee for $110 Products
• Meat Shares - $20 Cancellation Fee for Comfort Cuts, $35 Cancellation Fee for Dinner Party Feed, $75 Cancellation Fee for Home Chef, & $100 Cancellation Fee for Family Bounty

If you placed an order and realize you can’t take the food yourself, we ask that you try to find a friend or neighbor that would like to take your basket of food. You will be charged full price for the product if you do not pick up your food as scheduled without any communication.

Weekly Delivery

We deliver to Placerville, Sawpit, Lawson Hill, Ski Ranches, Mountain Village, Telluride, Ophir, and Ridgway.

Weekly Markets & Pick-Up Locations

Telluride, Tuesday, Ghost Town 3-6pm

Ophir, Wednesday, Town Hall 4-6:30pm