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A Letter from Vicki

Having lived in Telluride for a while by way of New York and Vermont, I started thinking about the miles it took for industrial food to find its way into our box canyon. As I learned more about the abundance of food providers throughout Southwest Colorado, I thought there has to be a better way.

Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family, and after earning a Master’s in Sustainable Food Systems, I started Vicki’s Fresh Food Movement to help get regionally sourced ingredients into our kitchens.

My love for this community inspired Vicki’s Fresh Food Movement, but it takes all of us fortunate enough to call this place home. Working together with farmers, ranchers and artisans throughout our region, I believe that we can eat better, reduce waste and make Southwest Colorado food self-sufficient.

Thank you for joining me!

With love,




Our Mission

Support local food sustainability throughout Southwestern Colorado by connecting consumers to thoughtful regional food providers.


Our Values

We believe that everyone has a right to fresh, nutritious food. Supporting local ranchers and farmers strengthens local economies, raises awareness about the food we eat, reduces food miles, and enriches relationships from soil to kitchen.